Security Policy


Inactive User Policy   

Effective February 27, 2012, a new Inactive User Policy has been invoked to inactivate all accounts with a last activity date greater than 6 months.

This change is a result of a recent security review, that noted a number of user accounts with no activity. Accounts that typically fall under this category are the result of staff changes within our partner network and no notification or update is performed in Admin eSuite.  If after February 27, an inactive user attempts to login to Admin eSuite, s/he will receive the following error "Invalid Login: This user is Inactive!”

If a user receives this message and wishes to have their security profile reactivated, they must submit their request to our Transamerica Security team via email to:

For US Email

For Canada Email

Once a security profile has been reactivated the user will receive an email letting them know the request has been completed. The email will also include instructions on how to log into Admin eSuite and establish a password.

If you have any questions, please contact your Client Executive.


Password Reset Policy



1.    Automate Password Resets – Users who are locked out of Admin eSuite and cannot remember the answer to their security question can now select the Forgot Your Password link and have a temporary password emailed to them.  This allows the users to immediately access Admin eSuite with the temporary password where they will be prompted to change their password.  The Admin eSuite Log In User Guide has been updated to further define this new functionality (see pp. 13-18) and can be accessed via the Help link on the Admin eSuite User Login page.


Users will receive an email similar to this one when they request an automated password reset.






2.    90 day Password Changes – Users will now be required to change their password in Admin eSuite every 90 days.  Within 2 weeks prior to the 90 days the users will receive warning messages when logging into Admin eSuite notifying them of the upcoming need to change their password.  Once the 90 day time period occurs, the user will be directed to the Change Password page.  This will ensure that security requirements are satisfied.